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Effects Of Online Gambling On Younger Generation

Online Gambling is popular among youths from past few years and it is like a part of their lives now. Basically some websites allows user to bet their money on some games and stuffs in order to increase it. People these days’ gets easily tempted by it as everyone has an urge to earn more and more. Today, it has most influence on younger generation.Most of them consider it the best way to earn money without doing any job, that’s why it has a massive popularity in today’s generation.

Why is Online Gambling famous among youths?

Many of the countries have legalized online gambling and there are various advertisements made by different websites to gain attention as well. Even you can see some celebrities promoting it these days and because of all these promotions youths get idea of putting their money to make it grow. They caneasilyaccess toit on various web pages, all they need is source of sending money online like through UPI and Credit cards. Intentions of earning easily are making them addicted to gambling which is a matter of concern.

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Effects of online gambling on human brain

Every addiction has some negative points but gambling is considered as one of the worst addictions ever as sometimes people lose way too much money in it. All of this leaves some impacts on human brain and leads to serious mental health issues like depression. It impacts our mind so badly that you couldn’t resist the urge to win more and more by making higher bets online. Brain releases a chemical called Dopamine when a person gets used towinning and when winning seems impossible and you constantly lose it impacts you so badly that you start feeling like a failure who can achieve nothing in life. This rapid expansion of onlinegambling is ruining life and mental health in every way possible.


Promotion of online gambling should be stopped and websitesencouraging people to make higher bets should be bannedbecause they areproviding access to wastage of money and leadingyounger generation towards dark by making them loseinterest in everything else. People who are addicted to gambling should start talkingto their close ones in order to seek help and start maintaining a daily journal. Parents need to discuss the negative points of gambling with their children and encourage them to change their habit. Changes can not be brought in one day but graduallypeople will learn to get a grip and full control over their addictions of online gambling