Online Gambling

Online Gambling: The True Face

The risk of losing some possessions or money is frequently shown in movies where actors place bets on a cricket team or individual player to make money. Additionally, a shot might decide whether you win or lose. People now use a variety of online gambling options to evade the penalties associated with gambling offline. In our everyday lives, the same is evident.


The act of wagering on athletic events or virtual casinos is referred to as online gambling. E-gaming or internet gambling are common names for it. Most often, credit cards are used to place bets, and subsequently, both profits and defeats are rewarded.


The Indian net gambling market

  • It is believed that the Indian gambling business is worth $60 billion annually, with around half of that amount going to illegal gaming.
  • The value of these skill-based video games could exceed $1 billion, and they are expanding at a rate of about 30% a year.
  • Age and gender balance among internet gamblers are improving in India. In 2021, the majority was still playing on mobile devices.
  • The fact that Goa’s casinos alone bring in more than 100 crores of rupees in tax income simply serves as further proof of the advantages that states can get from a controlled and authorized gaming business.

Online Gambling

Consequences of internet gaming

  1. Financial crime
  • Profits from the unlawful activity are converted into ostensibly “legal assets” in a practice known as money laundering.
  • While both online and land-based casinos maintain high levels of security, it is impossible to determine the true origin of the funds which gamblers transfer into their accounts.
  • This attracts illicit activities and makes playing at online casinos a target for money launderers.
  1. Crime and addiction
  • Regularly playing at online casinos can cause addiction, which can cause a variety of issues. In addition to divorce, gambling addiction can result in a life of crime.
  • People who are in a desperate situation to support their addiction may even turn to steal from friends or other community members.
  • Over a lost gambling game, someone may commit suicide or murder.
  1. Computer Fraud

Due to the significant amounts that are daily deposited and withdrawn from online casino accounts, hackers may be tempted to hack into them.

  1. Problem gambling
  • Biological, psychological, and social risk factors contribute to gambling disorder, just like they do to all other addictions.
  • Genetic and biological risk factors raise the likelihood of addiction by causing variations in how people react to gambling activities.
  • Depressions and anxiety are psychological risk factors that cause people to turn to gamble to deal with their emotions.
  • Social risk factors mainly revolve around having ready access to money and gambling.